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MistPool™ Cool Mist Air Humidifier

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Extreme Mindfulness

The correct humidity makes a vital contribution to many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Our mind feels positive, when we breathe freely. Adding a slice of lemon to MistPool will take you to the citrus fields to rejoice the freshness of air.

Softer, Vibrant Skin

Dry air saps moisture from your skin, which causes all kinds of problems including dryness, flaking, dullness and accelerated aging. MistPool can help prevent all these damaging effects, and maintain that glowing, vibrant look for all your holiday parties and get-togethers.

A good baby sitter

Baby’s skin is sensitive to dry climates and can result in red patches and tender, chapped lips. MistPool adds moisture into dry air, relieving your baby of these symptoms while also keeping the nasal passages clear. Also, the rhythmic, comforting hum of MistPool will help lull baby into a peaceful sleep.

Blissful Sleep

Without a little bit of humidity in the air, the simple act of breathing can be quite unpleasant. There is nothing worse than getting all snuggled up in bed only to fight the discomfort of breathing in cold, dry air as you drift off to sleep. 

With MistPool, you'll breathe freely, sleep better and wake up refreshed.


Where ever you go, MistPool can go with you. One charge and it can run for up to 8 hours. So be it your car or a friend's place, take it with you. 

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