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Newtons Cradle - Self Balancing Steel Balls

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These little steel balls will keep you relaxed all day! 


Embrace the mystery of science.

  • A fun way to teach & learn Inertia & Newton's Laws.
  • Demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres
  • Steel frame and balls are made of extremely great quality, hence the least amount of energy is lost and the balls keep going for a longer time
  • Made of Rust Proof Steel.
  • Perfectly weighed spheres to preserve the momentum for maximum time.
  • A perfect gift for home decor, an office table or any young learner.

Watching the back and forth, flawless motion is a soothing experience you'll enjoy each moment, day after day!

A Relaxing experience awaits. 

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Available in 5 Interesting Variations.

5 Steel Pendulums each.


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